Elma Hawkins, PhD, MBA

Chairwoman of the Board

Dr. Elma Hawkins is Chairwoman of Thylacine Bio. She is also President, CEO and co-Founder of Redpin Therapeutics, a biotechnology company developing targeted therapies that address intractable diseases of the nervous system.  Elma is a veteran of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  Her multi-decade career encompasses pioneering efforts in patient-specific product development.  She is also Chairman of Epibone, a revolutionary bone and cartilage reconstruction company based in New York City. Elma has mentored women-led companies at Springboard Enterprises for over a decade.

More team members

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General Counsel
Walter Greenblatt, MBA
Chief Financial Officer
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Head of Government Relations
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Fred Hayden, MD
Joan Fusco, PhD
Chief Development Officer
Tom Monath, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Sean Whelan, PhD
Allen Duplantier, PhD
Principal investigator
Daniel Graifman, MBA